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Lecturers Association of Bengal


The Cornerstone of Ethical Business. At the heart of our operations lies an unwavering commitment to doing what's right, not just what works. Trust is our foundation, fostering enduring relationships built on integrity and ethical practices.


Our Priority for Long-Term Success. We prioritize the well-being of our team, ensuring decisions align with their long-term interests. By fostering trust and confidence, we build a resilient and committed workforce, laying the groundwork for sustained success.

Fair & Ethical

Our Pledge to Fair Treatment. We stand firm in the belief that everyone deserves an equitable chance to succeed and unleash their full potential. Upholding fairness, we create an environment where every individual can thrive and contribute to their utmost capacity.


Embracing Change for Excellence. In a world of constant flux, our commitment to continuous product improvement fuels progress and achievement. This unwavering focus propels us forward, ensuring innovation and excellence define our journey.

President's Speech

Welcome to LAB.

In the tapestry of progress, let us weave the thread of unity. United, we stand as a formidable force, capable of overcoming any obstacle. "United are strong, divided are weak" – these words echo with timeless wisdom. It is in unity that we find strength, and it is through unity that we unlock our collective power. Let us embrace the truth that unity always benefits. Living together in harmony, supporting one another, we create a foundation for success. In the journey towards societal improvement, education, and health, unity is the catalyst that propels us forward. The strength of LAB lies not only in the expertise of its members but also in the unity that binds us together. As educators, we understand the profound impact of collaboration and shared purpose. Unity is not just a virtue; it is a strength in itself. Let us stand united in our commitment to fostering positive change. Together, we can shape a society where the fruits of progress are enjoyed by all. Thank you. From The President Of LAB.

Secretary's Speech

Greetings from the Lecturer's Association of Bengal (LAB), an eminent body committed to promoting academic quality and fighting for the rights of lecturers in the dynamic state of Bengal. Our group upholds the highest standards of professionalism and secrecy in its role as knowledge custodians. Our platform provides educators with a safe environment in which to work together, exchange ideas, and tackle shared problems. Respecting academic freedom and confidentiality, the Lecturer's Association of Bengal (LAB) provides a private setting for members to participate in candid conversations, professional growth, and group decision-making. Visit our website https://lecturersassociationofbengal.com to learn more about the many programs, activities, and resources available to further the goals of lecturers around Bengal. Join us in preserving the integrity of our honourable profession and improving the standard of education.

Observer's Speech

The Ulamas are the Pioneers of peace and harmony. On the one side, to build a healthy environment in the society, the Ulamas convey the message of peace and harmony to the people through their speeches, and on the other side, they serve the country by the side of the people regardless of caste, religion and creed through multi-faceted activities. 'Lecturer's Association of Bengal' (LAB) is a collective social organization of Ulamas working in the service of people.

Assistant secretary's Speech

Lecturers Association of Bengal is a social welfare organization through which we want to stand next to the poor oppressed oppressed natural calamity affected people of the society and the effort will be in our organization to give free coaching to all talented studentsA non-political social welfare organization Through this organization we want to keep India’s secular socialist environment intact and maintain harmony which is our main target for future

M. Md Sabgatullah

Adviser's Speech

An organization dedicated to public service and nonpolitical, is the Lecturer’s Association of Bengal. Being connected to this organization makes me feel fortunate. Numerous scholars and ulama joined our organization and gave us encouragement. I want Allah to provide stability for this organization (LAB) and raise it to the rank of Lecturers Association of India. Through this institution, we may simultaneously serve society and faith. Amen…

M. Abdul Hakim

Board Member's Speech

May the human society be formed in the name of the great ALLAH, not in color, not in language. Civil society requires organization. For this reason, Adam’s children on Earth will reach the pinnacle of education, integration, science and progress, this is the will of ALLAH and all the members of the Lab.

Dr. Kamal Uddin