N.B:-Please be aware that you bear full responsibility for any improper use of this Identity card, and you may be liable for penalties in accordance with Indian Penal Court regulations. Furthermore, membership for employees holding this card can be revoked without prior notification.

Rules and Regulations

Article 1: Name and Purpose

1.1. The name of the organization ‘Lecturers Association of Bengal‘ (LAB).

1.2. The primary purpose of LAB to promote education, deliver speeches on the Indian Constitution, and provide education for livelihood. Additionally, members may deliver Islamic speeches across India.

Article 2: Membership

2.1. An affiliation with any other Ulama group is prohibited for any member of the Lab.

2.2. It is forbidden for any Lab members to have a direct political relationship.

2.3. If a Lab member behaves unethically or in an antisocial manner, the Organization will not be held accountable.

2.4. ‘LAB’ the organization is superior to every person. This realization has to be put into practice.

2.5. The organization’s decision need to be regarded as final and carried out.

2.6. Each and every lab member is required to be present at all meetings.

2.7. Membership in LAB is open to individuals who share the organization’s goals and objectives, regardless of religion, race, or gender.

2.8. Members shall adhere to the principles of mutual respect, tolerance, and non-discrimination in all activities and interactions within the organization.

Article 3: Activities and Speeches

3.1. Members have the right to travel throughout India to deliver Islamic speeches and educate people on the Indian Constitution and livelihood.

3.2. All speeches and activities conducted under the LAB banner shall adhere to the laws of India, and members shall avoid promoting any form of discrimination, hatred, or violence.

Article 4: Police Assistance

4.1. LAB members may request assistance from the local police, especially during nighttime activities. Such requests shall be made in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Article 5: Government Support

5.1. LAB recognizes the importance of government support for its educational and speech delivery activities.

5.2. The organization shall engage with relevant government authorities to seek support, grants, or permissions as required for its initiatives.

Article 6: Leadership and Governance

6.1. LAB shall be governed by elected officers, including a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Committee members. Elections shall be held periodically as per the association’s bylaws.

Article 7: Amendments

7.1. These rules and regulations may be amended by a majority vote of the members during a general meeting, provided that notice of the proposed amendments is given in advance.

Article 8: Dissolution

8.1. In the event of the dissolution of LAB, any remaining assets shall be distributed for educational or charitable purposes in accordance with applicable laws.

These are general guidelines for creating rules and regulations for your association. It’s advisable to consult with legal experts or professionals experienced in nonprofit organizations to ensure that your rules and regulations comply with all relevant laws and regulations in India.

Note: Additional policies will be added as needed.